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My Catch Australia started life as a small Facebook page with only a handful of followers. It was a place where close mates could come and brag about their catches and talk about their fishing adventures. This quickly changed as our content was shared around the fishing community and we saw our followers grow and grow across both Instagram and Facebook.

Today My Catch Australia has a combined social media audience of over 10,000 people primarily located around Australia that share a passion for all things fishing. We are a team of 4 mates that enjoy all different types of fishing, from Saltwater to Freshwater and Evasive Species Control.  With help from our page sponsors, My Catch Australia has been lucky enough to test, advertise and market some fantastic products that have helped us catch fish in all different types of environments. On top of this our sponsors have allowed us to run some fantastic fishing competitions locally around the Gold Coast and Brisbane contributing to price pools worth up to $3000 of prizes.

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Paul Harrison

Marty Gleeson


  • How to Catch Bream on Lures

    Targeting the various species of bream on lures is fast becoming the most popular forms of fishing in Australia. Their abundance in our local canal and river systems ensures that everyone right around the coastline of Australia has access to their natural and artificial habitats at any time throughout the year. It can be daunting when first targeting this species, especially when it comes to selecting from the plethora of lures, rods and reels available. In my case it wasn’t expensive lures or rods and reels that got me onto my first bream as I’ll discuss further below.

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