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My Catch Australia started life as a small Facebook page with only a handful of followers. It was a place where close mates could come and brag about their catches and talk about their fishing adventures. This quickly changed as our content was shared around the fishing community and we saw our followers grow and grow across both Instagram and Facebook.

Today My Catch Australia has a combined social media audience of over 10,000 people primarily located around Australia that share a passion for all things fishing. We are a team of 4 mates that enjoy all different types of fishing, from Saltwater to Freshwater and Evasive Species Control.  With help from our page sponsors, My Catch Australia has been lucky enough to test, advertise and market some fantastic products that have helped us catch fish in all different types of environments. On top of this our sponsors have allowed us to run some fantastic fishing competitions locally around the Gold Coast and Brisbane contributing to price pools worth up to $3000 of prizes.

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Paul Harrison

Marty Gleeson


  • Deeper CHIRP+ Review

    Following on from our recent review of the Pro+ from Deeper, we now turn our attentions to the latest version, the CHIRP+, which was launched in early 2019. Inevitably, most anglers want to know what exactly the main differences are between these two castable echo sounders from the Lithuanian company.

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  • Bli Bli Barra Park – January 2019

    Happy Australia Day everyone! The My Catch Australia Team trekked it up to the Bli Bli Barra Park on the Sunshine Coast on Sunday. We arrived there at 9.30am and was let in a little early by the very helpful staff onsite. The staff onsite were quick to brief us on the best tactics to use to catch their famous Barramundi. As we were soon to find out these fish are not your ordinary Barra and the day was a lot more challenging than originally thought. The team started off by casting out a variety of hard and soft plastic lures. We had a few bumps and hits but strangely enough nothing seemed to hook up.

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  • North Pine Dam – Forgan Cove

    On Sunday 27th December, Marty and Paul met up with Dale Quant from Rodzilla Adventure Fishing Tackle as well as a few mates and hit the newly opened section of the North Pine Dam. For those you of that are not aware. This dam located north of Brisbane's CBD has recently had a section of the dam opened up to Kayak Fishing. (A SIPS Permit is required to fish this dam and can be obtained here).

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  • Dream Kayaks – Pro Staff

    Just a quick post today. We are excited to announce that last week Paul Harrison and Marty Gleeson were offered Pro Staff positions at Dream Kayaks. Both Paul and Myself both own Dream Kayaks and are very excited to be on-board promoting their fantastic products. Jump on their website and Facebook Page to check out their range of Kayaks and Accessories.

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  • Deeper Sonar Pro+ – Night Review

    Friday Night was a great night of fishing. Paul and I headed down to Cabbage Tree Lake and caught up with Dale and Lozza from Rodzilla Adventure Fishing Tackle. Since receiving our Deeper Sonar Pro+ units Paul and I have used them on every fishing trip. The versatility of these units is amazing. whether fishing from a boat or kayak or from land (as in this case) the units are easy to use and help you to find the fish.

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  • 4th March: Cabbage Tree Point – Meet and Greet

    As always it will be a Family friendly event and its Free Entry. Our events aren’t all about competing it’s more to get people together that share the same passion for fishing as we do. There will be prizes for biggest fish but we also do a lot of random prize draws to give everyone a chance of winning some great prizes.

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